Jim Grafsgaard is a visual artist, writer, international traveler and cultural activist.

P.J. Tracy is a musician, composer, writer and commentator on musical technology.


Bright Blue Earth is a visionary multimedia duo based in Minneapolis, Minnesota USA.

Bright Blue Earth is also the creative expression of an ever-growing circle of like-minded artists, scientists, inventors and activists communicating thru these pages.

Bright Blue Earth reaches out to the whole world.

We start by stating the world can be a better place, and then do something to make it so:

Toward this challenging task of human reinvention, the information, forums, art and other media embraced here will help to incite real world solutions for better living.

Here we nurture the seeds of cultural change. Creative effort, ingenuity, and the full expression of the human spirit in alignment with the natural world are resource enough to raise the standard of living of all and create a human culture that lives in harmony with the planet.  

A growing understanding of nature is crucial. It is within our grasp to re-align our old ways of mining, manufacturing and consuming into ways conforming to the ways of nature, where nothing is wasted and abundant life is the rule.

Decentralization is a key component. When individuals and small groups no longer have to depend on large, internationally-controlled infrastructures for their basic needs of food, energy and education, cultural creativity takes flight and innovative communities spring up.

Internet communication is allowing us to form non-localized communities of like-thinkers able to share solutions and information across all boundaries - and to build mutual respect between individuals, societies and nations.