Our Artist Friends from Around the World

  Read about Lamonte Johnson's Brixton-based BlingYaBikes project : a USA expat and colleague, bringing creative art and design opportunities to the youth of South London.

  See Mark Dell'isola's incredible eye-popping paintings from Guam, Palau and Bali: a global citizen whose ecstatic artwork springs from the same inspiration as Jim's Geo-Expressionist paintings.

  See photos of Patricia Mendoza's Casa de Cultura (House of Culture) workshops in Oaxaca: a former Minnesota arts activist who is nurturing the roots of community-building in rural Mexico.

  Hear Ted King and the Eighty-Sixed on Myspace, and Close to the Cool on cdbaby.com: a local contender for neo-beat daddy-o champeen.

  See Tim Feeney's wonderful nature photography including studies of water: ice, ocean, snow, and closely observed Lake Superior agates, plus much much more!

  Experience J. Otis Powell!'s MySpace page with spoken-word recordings and his Cyberpoet page with texts of poems: a world-class literary invitation to large-thinking and big-hearted sound.

Other Artists we Admire

Banksy's official website
Coney Island of the Mind by Lawrence Ferlinghetti (excerpted on anywherecd.com).
Ron Mueck video excerpt on the Brooklyn Museum of Art website, plus blip.tv's full length version.
Miyazaki, his films and other work.

LINKS to Our Work

pjtracymusic.com : Here is where you will find the sounds and music of P.J. Tracy.

www.jimgrafsgaard.com : Here you will find more of the art of Jim Grafsgaard.

Our On-line Press

A WCCO TV Interview of P.J. Tracy, aired February 16, 2009. The video includes footage of P.J. performing his EMMY AWARD-winning music in our BrightBlueEarth Studio in Northeast Minneapolis.
ARP! includes articles written by Jim Grafsgaard in issues #2 and #3, regarding art past and our future.
The Northeast Beat featuring an artist profile of P.J. Tracy written by Melissa Slachetka.
Minnesota Stories VideoBlog featuring Mural Painting in Mexico: Our short video documentary of Jim's work with the Casa de Cultura of Tejupan Mexico, along with a mnartists.org article about our fundraising efforts to support the Casa.

Our Supporters and Cohorts

sonicstate.com : A fantastic resource for all things audio technology related. This is home to Sonic Talk, a weekly podcast in which P.J. Tracy participates.

Home Bass Audio studio where Close to the Cool was recorded.

GForce Software: For some of the world's best music synthesizers modelled on classic analog machines.

Other Sites Of Importance

TED : Home of TED Talks, online videos where top scientists, investigators, and activists from around the world share their inspirations and insights into how the world is being changed.