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Close to the Cool: Episode 2 of our BrightBlueEarth Podcast
(runtime 52 min.)

         - recorded in mp3 format -
We welcome contemporary beat poet TED KING to discuss his latest CD release, plus the work of the mysterious artist-provocateur Banksy, and our own fund-raising efforts to support the Casa de Cultura of Tejupan Mexico.

         Program Notes:
Ted King and the Eighty-Sixed on Myspace
Close to the Cool on cdbaby.com
Home Bass Audio studio where Close to the Cool was recorded.
Coney Island of the Mind by Lawrence Ferlinghetti (excerpted on anywherecd.com).
J. Otis Powell!'s MySpace page with spoken-word recordings.
Mural Painting in Mexico: Our short video documentary of Jim's work with the Casa de Cultura of Tejupan Mexico, along with a mnartists.org article about our fundraising efforts to support the Casa.
Salon Artisimo upcoming: June 21, 2007 at Patrick's Cabaret
Charles Mingus jazzmaster official website
Carl Jung article on wikipedia.org
Banksy's website

(click here to listen) May 17, 2007: (runtime 1hour 13min)
         Our inaugural BrightBlueEarth Podcast!
P.J. and Jim discuss NE Minneapolis Art-a-Whirl, the super-realist sculpture of Ron Mueck, the animated films of Miyazaki and more ... with guest Melissa Slachetka.

         Program Notes:
The Northeast Beat featuring an artist profile written by Melissa Slachetka.
NE Minneapolis Art-a-whirl info on-line.
Ron Mueck video excerpt on the Brooklyn Museum of Art website, plus blip.tv's full length version.
Miyazaki, his films and other work.