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NEW! posted November 2008

These animations are original BrightBlueEarth multi-media projects.

NEW VERSION! posted November 2008

Joya's Dream    9 min 50 sec - 44 Mb - wmv format

Joya's Dream video

ANIMA  3min 40sec - 16.5 Mb - wmv format

ANIMA video

Sea of Consciousness   5min 30sec - 26 Mb - wmv format

Sea of Consciousness video

Since we began creating these videos in 2006, they have been shown in many diverse venues around the globe. Click here for a venue listing.

Mural painting in Mexico   3min 40sec - 17 Mb - wmv format

Mural Painting in Mexico video

A short documentary of a community art project led by Jim Grafsgaard in the village of Santiago Tejupan in Oaxaca, Mexico during February 2007.