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NEW VERSION! posted November 2008

Joya's Dream

9 min 50 sec - 44Mb - wmv format

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This video is an original BrightBlueEarth multi-media project.

Our unique process starts with music composed and recorded by P.J. Tracy, and large oil paintings made by Jim Grafsgaard. P.J's digital soundscapes are created using an immense variety of synthesizers and sound libraries including everything from lute and Mellotron to cowbells and choirs, which are meticulously altered, layered, tempered and mixed within virtual acoustic spaces. Jim's paintings are photographed and transferred into the digital domain, then animated in visual layers to the movements of the musical composition, with virtual lighting and cameras along with other computer generated image effects.

Since the release of our first video in January of 2007, these animations have found diverse venues around the globe. Click here for a venue listing.